Tanya is an incredible design professional. She has helped my husband and I make critical design decisions for a full remodel of our home - from furniture design to tile to textiles. While we had a good sense of the style and some material choices, with Tanya’s help, we have taken everything up a notch.
— Eve Stranz
Tanya is one in a million! She can take anybody’s “so-so” wall, shelf or cabinet and transform it into something out of a design catalog. The crazy thing is.... many of the items are things you had! She can add a few of her own personal touches and transformation happens right before your eyes! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with Creative Designs and would highly recommend Tanya for any job.... big or small!
— Elizabeth Gividen
Tanya did all the interior design in our home in Redondo Beach and took charge of all the contractors on our job. She made sure their workmanship was of the highest standards. We were amazed at how quickly she completed our home. It is gorgeous and all our friends always comment on how great our house looks.
— Carole Maggio
Tanya is fun to work with. She has a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas. She helped us completely redesign our house and furniture and saved us lots of money on furniture. She helped us blend the old with new and make it all look new again. She has great resources, was budget conscious, and solved problems quickly. Tanya listened to our ideas and what we liked and steered us in the right direction without being overbearing. We were very involved in every decision and she ended up creating the contemporary fun home we wanted. I highly recommend using Tanya for your redesign!
— Susie Williamson